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Introductory Consultancy

You have an exciting technology but are not sure whether it is already producible and what the next steps are you have to take? Let's have a look together. We can assess your technology and give you insights within a day. We perform a half-day workshop with you and will give you a well structured document with recommended actions to take. Don't wait and stay ahead of the game.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

With our many years of experience and your technological expertise we set the foundation of your long-term success. We at Weibel Consulting LLC combine all our insights and competencies to transform your vision of your technology into a tangible production strategy. It is our mission to give you the tools to use the momentum to make your next big leap - becoming a product company.

Business Meeting

Take Off

You have a working prototype or maybe even a small production running? Success is knocking on your door and you need to scale quickly? We know exactly what you are talking about. With our experts we analyze all insights about your industries regulatory requirements, production technologies, design opportunities and many more factors. Together we design your supply chain of the future and create an accurate plan for implementation, define success factors and KPIs. Don't try - do.

Group Seflie
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